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Plastiras Lake: an ideal destination for each season

Plastiras Lake is a human intervention managed to unite the artificial with the natural element. A magical place with forests, in which Fairies and the Sleeping Beauty found their shelter. A place for visitors who seek peace and serenity, but also for those who look for adventure, combining mountain and lake activities.

The best destination for every season of the year

What are the components of a getaway at Lake Plastira? The natural landscape that alternates according to the seasons...the four wonderful seasons...
The choices of activities and entertainment for all ages include mountain and water bikes, canoe and kayak, archery, horse-riding, climbing, swimming and skiing at the small ski resort at the Karamanoli location.
Agrafa's cuisine is endless and delicious and the great local wines have won awards and prizes.

We are waiting for you...

Who We Are

This is the official website of all businesses in the wider area of Lake Plastira.

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